LTE-A wireless technology_

Long Term Evolution Advanced is an improvement on the LTE service which is very much like the 3G/EDGE technology, that is widely used. The difference being that LTE-A is much more reliable and faster than any of its predecessors. We provide internet using this wireless technology. It is under perfect conditions, capable of speeds of up to 150mbps. However, since it is a wireless technology so speeds are affecting by a range of factors such as the devices near the router, number of connected devices etc. Generally, our clients experience average speeds of 21 Mbps. Why get our LTE-A deals?

Plug & Play

Installation is a breeze. You literally just plug it in, switch it on and start surfing.

Fibre-like speeds

and reliability with the bonus of not having to wait for Fibre to come to your area.

Multiple locations

Work in multiple places with quick installation, take your router with you.

No Billing Shock

We soft-suspend your sim when out of data. Simply top up your balance at R10 a gig.

Short Contracts

No longterm contracts. Sign up on a month to month basis.

Free Delivery

When taking one of our deals with one of our highly recommended devices.

FREE DELIVERY with one of our highly rercommended devices

FOR fast & reliable PLUG IN & PLAY lte 

call us on 011 025 1446

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LTE-A Enquiry


You may have some questions, we'll we have all the answers! Still didnt find what you where looking for email

What speeds can I experience on LTE-A?

 Speeds of up to 100mbps are possible. This is affected and determined by many aspects such as congestion, number of devices connected, placing of modem etc. Regardless, it is faster than any Vrrrpha at average speeds of 30 Mbps!

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Absolutely! Since it is a month-to-month contract upgrades and downgrades are possible, no fees are applicable. Changes effective at end of current month. Just let us know in within 20 days through email at

How do I view my usage?

Just visit your device user portal, log in and you should be able to view your usage as well as other functions. It’s as easy as cooking pap n’ vleis.

How do I top up my account?

Visit our website, and submit through a dedicated top-up portal or through our WhatsApp number

How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?

You will be able to recharge through our website portal or sending your request through our WhatsApp line or through our website portal

Does top-up data expire?

Yes, it is valid for 30 days after purchase

Does unused data rollover?

Unfortunately not, data expires on the last day of the month, unlike top-up data which takes exactly 30 days to expire

Can I pay upfront for a year in advanced?

Yes, you can, giving you peace of mind by reducing debit orders.

Is there a cancellation fee?

For month to month options, we do not charge a cancellation fee. However, for 24-month contracts, there will be a fee charged.

Can I use this LTE service anywhere?

Since its mobile. You can use it anywhere on condition that coverage is available in that area

Are any contracts involved?

We have month to month and contract options. Term options are available

and subject to credit check where applicable.

LTE router & Sim deal vs. SIM only deal – which is right for me?

For clients that are using this type of service for the first time or don’t have compatible modem routers, we recommend using our routers which guarantee the best effort level service. For clients with their own routers which are compatible with our service, it is best they take the sim only deal. You can find our list of compatible routers on our site

How do I check if I fall into a LTE-A coverage area?

Our WhatsApp Support line does this for you. All you have to do is type in the location you intend to use our service on the map provided and you will be able to see if there is coverage. Easy! Right?

What if I fall just out of the coverage area, can I still purchase the LTE-A service?

Our network coverage is constantly growing, but we would recommend waiting until there is coverage in your area. If there isn’t any coverage then you can communicate your interest, that way coverage will come more hastily.

Do I need to RICA my SIM card?

Clients are required to do so by law. RICA registration is conducted on the delivery

How long does it take for my LTE-A SIM, and/or where applicable, router to be delivered?

We normally deliver within 10 working days from full order being made.

How long does it take for my LTE-A service to activate?

Typically a within 24 Hours after receiving sim and/or device once RICA is confirmed.