How do I connect?


How do I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Typically done on website, by logging into user account.

What is the order or prioritisation of data depletion?

Norm is top-up data is depleted last and the monthly inclusive data last.

I have a dead spot at the other end of my home, what do I do?

A Wi-Fi range extender is recommended by ISPs

Something is interfering with my wireless signal, how can I fix this?

Changing of channel is usually helpful, changing bands is also suggested for routers that support this

Does the free-to-use LTE router(if included) support other Internet connections?

Fibre connections are possible on LTE-A routers

Will my first payment and allocation of data be on a pro-rata basis?

Typically, ISPs do use pro-rata

How long does it take for my LTE-A SIM, and/or where applicable, router to be delivered?

The norm is a week.

How long does it take for my LTE-A service to activate?

Typically a within 24 Hours after receiving sim and/or device.

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