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Fibre-based internet access is fast becoming the technology of choice for users who need large quantities of bandwidth but at an affordable price. Our fibre solutions are ideal for businesses looking for a high-reliability, high-speed access medium with the capacity for large volumes of data transmission combined with very low latency.

Fibre has a much higher bandwidth capacity than copper or wireless systems; it also has no scrap value, making it less likely to be stolen. Fibre optic systems will become the leading Wide Area Network technology medium, as businesses start seeing the benefits of connectivity that literally travels at the speed of light


Cost-effective, superior, symmetrical bandwidth for high-speed Internet access, Business SLA, Layer 2 and Layer 3 options available


Future proof technology – Once rolled out it is there to stay, Higher bandwidth speeds, Robust solutions with reliable backhaul solutions, Flexible and scalable and Fixed monthly costs

View packages from only R750 per month, uncapped!

speed up your Internet Connectivity WITH FIBRe 

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How does Fibre differ from ADSL?

 Unlike ADSL that uses traditional copper lines laid out by Telkom, Fibre uses optic cables. These optic cables are capable of up to 20 times the speeds current speeds available for ADSL subscribers(ADSL max line speed is 40Mbps whereas Fibre can terminate GigE). It also has no scrap value, which means its less prone to theft.

Why do I need FTTB?

It is very reliable and super fast, meaning you will never lose clients because of late replies or because of mediocre video calls.




Do I need a voice line/number from Telkom?

No, there is no need for a copper line. We roll out our services through fibre optic cables.

What is the process to get connected with Fibre?

You just submit your GPS Coordinates and we will guide and take care of the rest.

Am I guaranteed to get Fibre Internet?

No, The places that are lacking fibre coverage, unfortunately, cannot get a fibre connection. The coverage is constantly expanding, but indicating your interest will definitely bring fibre to your neighbourhood much quicker.


Do I need a different router/modem?

Some routers support multiple types of connections, but nonetheless, a router/modem that supports fibre is needed in order to plug into the fibre network. Routers are included in our fibre services.


What line speed is right for my business?

An important factor is the type of business you have and how you plan to use the internet as an organisation. With a great frequency in video conferencing and streaming, you may need a greater bandwidth than a business that just sends and receives emails with the occasional file download.

Another important factor is the number of workers, the average worker needs speeds of 2-5 Mbps each.

We will, of course, tailor a solution that best suits your specific business.

What is size data bundle best for my business?

This again is influenced by the number of workers as well as the type of business. We tailor solutions to be able to meet your needs.






Are any contracts involved?

Yes, we have 12 – 48 Month contract