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Fat Pipe DSL

High-Speed ADSL Business Internet

Premium Grade Home and Business DSL

Fat Pipe Business is built for households and small to medium sized companies specifically – to offer the service and connectivity experience they need, at the price they need. We know that a high-speed, reliable internet connection is critical to your growing business, and Fat Pipe Business delivers just that. It’s a premium DSL service, with Vox’s network continuously managed to ensure a superior internet experience. Fat Pipe Business plans include five static IPs, and a fully managed hardware service that includes a sophisticated router.

Does the Fat Pipe business unused data roll over?

Get a 10Mbps from only R554 per month! Vox offers highly cost-effective fibre solutions with extensive coverage over our own purpose-built network. Reap significant savings by consolidating your voice, video and data over one connection.

Does the service include an ADSL router, or do I need to provide my own?
Yes. The Fat Pipe Business includes a managed router. Vox will configure the router and ensure that your ADSL service is correctly configured to provide the IP addresses included with the product. There is no need for a customer to provide the router, nor configure anything.
How many IP addresses are included in the service and what can I use them for?
Vox Fat Pipe Business provides five (5) static (unchanging) IP addresses which you can use for any internet-facing service, e.g. email service, web server, VPN service, etc.
Does the Fat Pipe Business account include free midnight to 06:00 surfing?
No. As the service is a business service, the midnight to 06:00 free surfing (mainly aimed at home users) is not a product feature.
Do I have access to configure the ADSL router?
No. Vox manages the ADSL router to enable the static IP addresses to be delivered to your network. You do not have access to configure the router.
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How does it work?

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