BroadTalk is a business-grade, IP-based voice service offering an alternative to existing Telco infrastructure. The solution operates via a class 5 IP voice switch, with voice interconnects terminating directly into the traditional telecom service providers.

BroadTalk is an all-in-one solution that offers a high-quality, dedicated voice service through a single access medium. This simple solution provides unrivalled flexibility to meet the unique requirements of medium to large businesses.

This voice solution offers competitive call rates on national, local, international and cellular phone calls as well as free inter-branch calls, ensuring a reduction in your total telecommunication costs.


  • True per second billing from the first second
  • No change required to existing telecoms infrastructure
  • Dedicated, high-quality voice termination
  • Interfaces with traditional PBX systems – analogue, BRI, PRI or IP
  • Dedicated 24/7 business support
  • Free inter-branch calls
  • Can be utilised over a range of access mediums
  • Broadlink Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) available on request
  • Geographic Number Portability (GNP) available


  • Significant savings on total telecoms spend
  • Single access medium for both voice and data
  • Flexible, scalable solution
  • Seamless conversion from existing telco environment
  • Dedicated 24/7 business support
  • No large capital investments required to integrate into existing infrastructure


BroadTalk Enquiry



What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol transmits voice communications over a digital medium instead of traditional analogue telephone lines from Telkom.

What is included in the set-up cost?

LAN Assessment, configuration & installation of IP phones

Can I keep my old 011 number?

Yes, you can port out geographic numbers from Telkom except for 086x numbers.

Can I port any number?

No, only Geographic numbers can be ported (e.g. 011,021,031 etc.)

Can I forward my phone to another phone?

Yes, it is very possible. Call forwarding rates may apply based on forwarding number.

Can I forward a call to another provider?

Yes. Call forwarding rates may apply based on forwarding number

Do I get a voice mailbox?

Yes, you do get one!

How can I access my voicemail?

You can do this by dialling your mailbox from your IP phone and inserting your PIN.

What do I do if I lost my voicemail pin if one exists?

NOC Support can reset your PIN once user verification is confirmed.

Can I dial international numbers?

Yes, you can. International call rates apply

Who are the recommended softphone clients?

YeaLink is our recommended client. Their softphones have been the subject of testing and their phones are the most compatible with our services.

Can I use my existing Internet connection or is a dedicated connection required for the VoIP service?

Yes, you may, we will recommend setting aside 32kbps per handset intended for use(default codec is G.729). This is beside the data bandwidth. So if you have a 2mbps connection, it can host or handle a maximum of 60 handsets at a single time provided quality of service is deployed on the network.

Why is bandwidth an important consideration for voice services?

A certain amount of bandwidth is dedicated to voice services when the option is activated. Now, this may pose a strain if the bandwidth is low. As a rule of thumb, having 32kbps allocated per handset.

If my internet connection is down, will my VoIP be affected?

Unfortunately, yes it will be affected since it runs over the internet. The way from most organizations goes about choosing an internet connection service coupled with a redundancy plan. If you have existing Telkom lines into the premises, you can failover to analogue as long as the PBX can connect into the analogue network.

What am I to do if I experience bad call quality?

Bad call quality can result for various reasons. We use Voice VLAN provisioning across fibre and microwave links to guarantee voice quality. LTE is the best effort service as GSM signal is a non -guaranteed technology due to influences from either atmospheric, construction or electromagnetic interferences. If it is a constant problem, we would recommend allocating more bandwidth to your phones.