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Your internet speed does affect your business badly!

Internet speed is now number one priority especially to people who are doing E-commerce business. Everyone understands the frustration in waiting for a web page to load or your inbox to refresh. This lag damages your business in one or two of the following ways: Your...

What influences the speed of your network badly?

Speed of your internet really affects your work in so many different ways .If webpages open slower than usually or downloads seem to last for ages, it’s not necessarily caused by your colleague’s illicit gaming at fault. Here are some other factors that can affect...

How do I connect?

How do I connect?

How do I upgrade or downgrade my package? Typically done on website, by logging into user account. What is the order or prioritisation of data depletion? Norm is top-up data is depleted last and the monthly inclusive data last. I have a dead spot at the other end of...

1.Best of Frequently Asked Questions

1.Best of Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTE Advanced ? Long Term Evolution Advanced, is an internet connectivity platform/technology that is basically a step up from LTE technology that delivers blistering 4G speeds, all the while being more reliable than traditional LTE or 3G. Someone asked ...

Why get our best LTE-A Deals?

Why get our best LTE-A Deals?

LTE-A Deals Plug & Play - No installation costs or hassles from our LTE-A deals. You literally just plug it in, switchit on and get connectedFibre-like speeds and reliability - With the bonus of not having to wait forFibre to come to your areaNeed to be online...

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