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Work from Home

Work from Home

It is quite evident that COVID-19 will permanently shift working patterns as companies are now forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic may find that their employees will not want to return to the office once the closures are lifted either due to fear or that...

Legal movie streaming downloads for 2019

Legal movie streaming downloads for 2019

Fibre Boyz have found some amazing websites where you can download free movies. This is great and means you can watch entertaining programs without paying recurring subscription fees, you only need a reliable data connection. This list includes the likes of The...

Who is Fibre Boyz?

Fibre Boyz is a 100% Black-owned internet service provider supplying Fibre, LTE and Microwave solutions to businesses across SA. We also provide various, Cloud Backup and Voice solutions. We largely cater for the SMME’s, corporates and public sector organisations. Our...

Everyone is talking about LTE-A!

Everyone is talking about LTE-A!

What is it and how do I use it? LTE-A or Long Term Evolution-Advanced is a standard for high-speed wireless communication that provides true 4G+ speeds for mobile phones and devices LTE-A is a mobile broadband technology that uses radio spectrum to provide wireless...

Your internet speed does affect your business!

Everyone understands the frustration in waiting for a web page to load or your inbox to refresh. This lag damages your business in one or two of the following ways: Your clients do not receive the information they require to make a purchasing decision quickly. They...

Fibre Boyz has joined forces with RAIN and Cell C

Now Fibre Boyz clients have a much bigger selection of fiber-like mobile connectivity solutions to choose from. Fibre Boyz, has a huge focus on providing small to medium size businesses with solutions that support their individual business needs. RAIN and Cell C...

Fibre Boyz (Pty) Ltd is a young black-owned, black managed internet service provider which is transforming the South African market through innovative value-added products that give our customers a revolutionary internet experience. 

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