Advanced, flexible and yet easy to manage backup and recovery solution designed to protect infrastructure regardless of whether it is physical or virtualised.

Delivered from highly secure and resilient data centres in South Africa, Broadlink Backup is a service that provides rapid, cost-effective, secure, reliable offsite backup – allowing customers to recover anything, anywhere, at any time.

Broadlink’s market-leading technology is designed to protect large, complex environments, efficiently and with minimal operational costs.


  • Hybrid or private cloud deployment options
  • Centralised and simplified backup management
  • Highly scalable
  • End-to-end data security using proven encryption techniques
  • Rapid recovery
  • Extensive environment and application support
  • 99.99% platform availability


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Inclusive of software licensing and support
  • Reduced infrastructure overheads
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified
  • Faster data recovery times
  • Simplified management through single interface
  • Extensive built-in reporting

Complementary Products

  • BroadSecure Email & Archiving
  • Dedicated or Broadband MetroNet Fibre
  • BroadTalk Cloud PBX
  • Broadlink VSAT Connectivity



Do you provide protection for my server resources?

Archiving and backups are available and priced on specific requirements. Consultation is required.

How do I manage large quantities of update files to all my resources for better bandwidth management?

You can deploy a bandwidth manager device which schedules the use of afterhours bandwidth.

How will my cloud-based information be secured?

Virtual firewalls are available for cloud solutions.

Can backups be automated from a central point and to my specific requirements?

Yes they can, you just need to let us know these specific requirements so we can assist you.

Which operating systems are supported by the backup solution?

Predominantly Microsoft and Linux platforms. Any other platforms will need to be on confirmation first before quoting.

How do I retrieve lost files?

You can retrieve from your backup archive, provided you have backup.

Can files be excluded from backups and how?

Yes they can. When you accept backup services, a workshop is needed to determine the structure of your backup profiles. This is where you will stipulate exclusions.