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A Young, Progressive Internet Service Company.

Fibre Boyz is a young black owned internet service provider. We supply Fibre, LTE and Smart Home solutions to households and businesses across South Africa. We also provide various networking and IoT solutions. Our ambition is to bridge the ‘lack of access’ gap the market faces by bringing affordable internet solutions to our customers. We are an aggregator and have various strategic partnerships with established organisations which allow our customers to receive countless benefits for their homes or business.

Fibre Boyz has joined forces with major network operators such as, Vodacom and  Vox to bring you cutting edge solutions.

Fibre Boyz (Pty) Ltd is a young black-owned, black managed internet service provider which is transforming the South African market through innovative value-added products that give our customers a revolutionary internet experience. 

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Greenstone Hill, Gauteng

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